Cycling | 10 juni 2018

Battaglin and Kruijswijk top ten in second stage Tour de Suisse

In the second stage of the Tour de Suisse, which went through the undulating landscape in and around Frauenfeld, Enrico Battaglin has finished in seventh and Steven Kruijswijk in tenth place. Koen Bouwman was also in the first group.

The stage evolved in a traditional way with an early breakaway. It wasn’t until deep in the final that it became chaotic when Bora pulled hard on the climb and the peloton fell apart in groups.

Nevertheless, sports director Jan Boven saw his team getting through the day perfectly. “Two riders in the top ten is beautiful. Especially for Steven it’s a good performance. When Bora pulled hard on the climb, only a small group remained, including three of us. Enrico then had to take matters in his own hands. Tomorrow, the final is a lot trickier and tougher. Then we’ll try again.”