Cycling | 13 juni 2018

Kruijswijk passes first test in Switzerland without problems

Steven Kruijswijk has maintained himself in front during the fifth stage of the Tour of Switzerland. The leader of Team LottoNL-Jumbo kept quiet for the first few days, but was now able to compete for the places of honor. He ultimately crossed the finish line in 11th place.

“It was a difficult race, difficult to make a difference at the last moment”, the Dutchman said. “The final climb wasn’t very difficult in itself, but the wind kept the race tight.”

Addy Engels had seen that too. In addition, the sports director noted that it had been a very tough race. “It really was a fast race from start to finish. When that’s the case, you know that it’s been a difficult day. Based on the two climbs today, I conclude that Steven is in good shape. He wasn’t at the limit yet and he climbed with the favourites.”

Tomorrow, a similar stage awaits. “Two long climbs, but also long flat pieces. The finish is on a short but tricky climb, so it’s going to be an important day. It’s a pity that we’ll have to do it without Bram Tankink. He suffered from his back and abandoned the race”, the sports director said.