Cycling | 14 december 2016

LottoNL-Jumbo cyclists build their base condition in Spain

Dutch team LottoNL-Jumbo left to Spain’s sun this week in Mojacar. The first training camp will help the team’s cyclists build their base towards the 2017 season.


The cyclists already met several times beforehand. In October, Shimano fitted them for their new riding kit and last week, doctors checked them in the Netherlands. "That first test is mainly to get the green light that allows them to race,” Trainer Mathieu Heijboer said. “The racers are examined by a cardiologist and complete a condition test. It was nice to see the progress that Dylan Groenewegen made over the past year, that showed in the test numbers. During the tests, we also saw that Robert Gesink trained much in the last month."


On Monday, the team travelled to Mojacar and the cyclists immediately completed their first endurance ride on Tuesday. "We have the team divided into three groups in order not to have an overly large group on the road. This is not only safer, it also ensures that the riders often are on the front working, and thereby train more effectively. “Not only the temperature is good in Mojacar, it is also very quiet. That is the ideal conditions to have for training on the road."


Kilometres, equipment and race programmes


During the training camp that lasts through next Wednesday, the riders not only ride many kilometres, but kick off their season. "Of course the main goal is to train, but in addition we are also busy testing materials and positioning the riders as well as possible on their bikes. Also the riders have meetings with trainers and sport directors to schedule the 2017 programme. The group often comes together to discuss the objectives of the team."


The big day is when the riders meet on a climb for their lactate tests. "Such a test is similar to a condition test, but outside, which ensures that we get a better picture of the riders and their capacity. We do this often and therefore you have a perfect comparison. On this basis, we determine what the riders need for training."


A group meets again in January while some are racing the first event of the season, the Tour Down Under in Adelaide, Australia. "Then the group is much smaller. The riders who meet for this training camp will train even more than during that week and will ride the needed kilometres on their time trial bikes."

Photo by: Primoz Roglic (Instagram)