Cycling | 22 mei 2018

Roosen and Jansen third and fourth in Tour des Fjords

Timo Roosen and Amund Grondahl Jansen have taken the third and fourth place in the first stage of the Tour des Fjords. The duo started the sprint with the goal of launching Jansen, but they weren’t successful.

“It was a very quiet day today”, Jansen said. “At the beginning of the race, there was a breakaway and it was only caught in the local laps. Then it became a lot more hectic. The team did a good job for us at that time. Our tactic was to let Timo take the sprint with me in his wheel. I was very eager and I chose another wheel with only one kilometre to go. Timo still launched the sprint for me, but I was too far away. Tomorrow, there’s another great opportunity and we’ll go for the win again”, the Norwegian said.