Cycling | 5 september 2018

Supplements play a major role in staying fit

Supplements play a major role in staying fit for athletes of all level. For our riders it's no different.

“In the winter months, they’re using vitamin D from Virtuoos", Performance Nutrition Coach Nancy van der Burg said as an example. “It’s important for their resistance and for strong bones.

“Besides that, taking multivitamins can be smart. For example, when you have an intensive training period you need them. But also when your food may be inadequate because you don’t know what the vitamin levels are supplied in it. When you’re staying in a hotel for example, or when you’re travelling."

"It's always important to check the amount that’s in the supplement. Some of them are highly dosed, but that isn’t necessary. Find the supplement that’s 100 per cent of the daily recommended amount.”

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