Cycling | 21 oktober 2016

Team LottoNL-Jumbo rides Bianchi Countervail bikes into 2017

Team LottoNL-Jumbo will ride Italy's famous Bianchi bicycles again in 2017. Bianchi will supply the Dutch World Tour Team with four high-end models from the Bianchi Countervail family to provide specific advantages and maximum performance under the various racing conditions: Oltre XR4, Specialissima, Infinito CV and TT Aquila CV.

Bianchi has continued its investment in the World Tour cycling scene by renewing its sponsorship deal with Team LottoNL-Jumbo. In 2017, Dylan Groenewegen already won the Dutch Championship and several sprints on this new bike. In the time trials they will use the CV Aquila, in the cobbled classics the Infinito CV and if the road goes uphill, the ultra-light Specialissima.

Strategic cooperation

"In recent years, we've had a strategic cooperation with Bianchi and the team, especially in the time trials," said General Manager Richard Plugge. "This resulted in two national titles in the time trial, a victory in the Giro and a fifth place in the team time trial at the world championship. We can now structurally compete for top positions in the time trials."

They gave attention to every discipline and developed other models, as well.

"The climbers' bike Specialissima was used by Steven Kruijswijk during various stages of the Giro. In the last months of the season, the riders were provided with the new Oltre XR4. Robert Gesink won the queen stage in the Vuelta at the Oltre XR4. Together we continue to constantly innovate to take steps in our development.”

Positive experience 

"The extension of our relationship with Team LottoNL-Jumbo is the result of our positive experience with their riders and performance staff over the past years: the feedback from the team has greatly contributed to the consistent improvement in our CV models’ performance. We are proud and happy to continue collaborating with them, and to test and further develop our current and new racing products" - Bianchi CEO Bob Ippolito 

Four Countervail® Bikes: Developed to outperform

Bianchi is one of the few companies in the world capable of supplying its World Tour team with four different carbon racing models, all of them featuring Bianchi's exclusive Countervail® vibration-cancelling technology. Countervail viscoelastic material cancels 80% of road vibrations, leading to maximized control, reduced muscular fatigue and increased rigidity and peak power over long distances.

The Countervail technology was applied to LottoNL-Jumbo’s Bianchi models in various ways to provide specific advantages for different racing conditions:

- Oltre XR4: a top-of-the-line aero bike, it’s designed for maximum aerodynamic advantage and control at high speeds.

- Specialissima: the ultralight frame for GC riders, it’s extra stiff for increased traction and stability at high speeds, and maximum control on the descents.

- Infinito CV: the ideal bike for the Classics, it provides remarkable control on uneven surfaces and reduces muscular fatigue.

- Aquila CV: the ultimate time trial machine, it’s designed to increase power output and rider's energy, with maximum control with each pedal stroke.



Photo: Bettiniphoto