Cycling | 27 juni 2018

Van Emden and Eenkhoorn miss podium on national time trial championship

Jos van Emden and Pascal Eenkhoorn have become fifth and sixth respectively during the Dutch time trial championship in Bergen op Zoom.

Van Emden started off energetically and even scored the fastest interval at the first measuring point. After that, it didn’t go to plan for the time trial specialist. “The last lap was a fight. It really wasn’t my day today. After the Dauphiné, I was very tired and I trained less. That’s why I missed those few percentages that make the difference. Halfway, I noticed that I no longer had adequate power. I’ve given everything to get on the podium, but it just wasn’t good enough.”

Teammate Pascal Eenkhoorn recorded the sixth time at the finish line. This despite a bike change after ten kilometres: “Up to that moment, it went really great. I had a certain wattage in mind, but after that bike change I didn’t have my Pioneer power meter anymore. That’s why I had to go with my gut for the remaining part. It was a good lesson for the future, because I had no illusions to become Dutch champion here. It suited my program, it’s a nice discipline and I’m only getting better.”