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TeamLottoNL-Jumbo | 1 maart 2018

Jumbo new title sponsor of combined speed skating & cycling team for at least five years

Team Oranje, the umbrella entity of the speed skating & cycling Team LottoNL-Jumbo, has closed a deal with Jumbo as its new title sponsor for at least five years, starting January 1st 2019. On behalf of the Dutch family business, CCO Colette Cloosterman-Van Eerd and CFO Ton van Veen signed an agreement with Team Oranje directors Jac Orie and Richard Plugge.

Jumbo takes over the position of Lotto. Lotto’s contract ends at the 31st of December 2018 after having sponsored the team for four years.
“We are extremely proud of the fact that we commit our company to Team Oranje and thus the Dutch top tier sports for the next few years”, Jumbo’s Colette Cloosterman-Van Eerd says. “Jumbo has supported the speed skating & cycling team for many years now and we want to offer possibilities for sports talents to excel. In the meantime, this partnership gives us the possibility to inspire millions of customers to live more healthily. By combining forces between the two teams and our company we can actively carry out our expertise in regard to healthy food and encourage our customers to have a more active lifestyle.”

“The cycling team already had a good season in 2017; the winning of two stages in the Tour de France were the highlights”, Cloosterman-Van Eerd proceeds. “This trend seems to be continuing as the team has already secured five wins in the early season. The speed skating team experienced the most successful World Single Distance Championships by winning six world titles last year and the Olympic Games went extremely well by winning four golden medals. We started our sponsorship four years ago and we are noticing an upward trend in many fields. We have a lot of confidence in both teams. As with Jumbo, the will to win and wanting to be the best is in the DNA of this team.”
Jumbo had been negotiating with Team Oranje about a more prominent role for a while already. During these negotiations, they spoke about a new and improved set-up of this unique team. Unquestionably, the teams will be surrounded by top notch sports staff in the future. In the coming period, new steps will be taken to create one ecosystem. This was one of the reasons for Jumbo to extend its commitment to Team Oranje.

“It’s nice that we can go full speed ahead”, responds Orie, director of the speed skaters. “I really appreciate the fact that Jumbo wants to invest in the team so we can elaborate on our Olympic successes.”

Plugge is looking forward to the coming years: “It’s fantastic that Jumbo is backing this team and is creating something really nice with us. We like to compete with athletes who have been developed in our team. Jumbo grants us the opportunity to improve on our solid base with a long term vision and to retain talents for a longer period of time.”


5 januari 2017 in TeamLottoNL-Jumbo

Team LottoNL-Jumbo and M Line expand partnership

“All our athletes are satisfied with the products. It’s a good thing that a company like M Line is one of our partners.”
11 juli 2016 in TeamLottoNL-Jumbo

Team LottoNL-Jumbo extends contract with main sponsor Lotto

Lotto will continue as the main sponsor of the speed skating and cycling team LottoNL-Jumbo for the next two years. The company signed an agreement with Team Oranje, the management group for the sport teams this week. Jumbo Supermarkets and BrandLoyalty extended their contracts with the teams’ managers Jac Orie and Richard Plugge already.
31 december 2014 in TeamLottoNL-Jumbo

Team LottoNL-Jumbo wishes you a Happy New Year!

Time for Champagne and some Oliebollen (typical Dutch Donut)!